Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery is a program offered to a student who has completed a course but has not been successful in demonstrating achievement of the curriculum expectations to a passing level. The classroom teacher, program chair and the Credit Recovery Team can determine and develop a customized program, which would best enable the student to meet the expectations and earn credit for the course. The credit recovery program is supported and completed through the Success Classroom, P3 and Independent study.

Credit Rescue

Credit Rescue is a program whereby members of the School SUCCESS Team in cooperation with classroom teachers proactively aid students in Pathway Choices, lunch hour and after school help, P3, Peer Mentoring as well as Mentor Connector.

Connecting to College

Connecting to College is a program whereby students attend Niagara College for a half-day twice a week earning two dual college/ secondary credits. The student then has the flexibility to earn secondary school credits in the morning at their home secondary schools.

Senior Success Alternative Program

Senior Success generally is a full day program to support and assist Grade 11/12 students who are credit deficient and potential early leavers. The program includes students being enrolled in the GLN (Navigating the Workplace) course, cooperative education, online learning and credit recovery. In addition, students complete and earn certification in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, Customer Service Excellence, Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS), Passport to Safety and Smart Serve Ontario.

The Sr. Success program is taught by a teacher and supported by a Credit Recovery Assistant (CRA). The programming of the course also includes: career exploration, individual assistance in learning skills, short term counseling, community partner support, community tours, active mentorship and systematic supports.

Pathways Preparation Program- P3

P3 is an after-school help program which is run throughout the school year to provide direct academic support to students. Teachers, peer helpers and staff in a variety of subject areas are available to provide academic assistance.

Students also have the opportunity to receive help in study strategies, participate in Credit Recovery, participate in student tutoring programs, utilize computer access and develop interpersonal skills in a non-formal learning environment.

Study Hall

Study Hall is available to all students and is open during all lunches every day of the week. Teachers are available for students who need academic assistance or a quiet place to work where they can also eat their lunch. Study Hall is located in the Success Classroom.

Ontario Education Resource Bank

The Ontario Educational Resource Bank (OERB) is a tool for students to gain more practice with course content by further researching; worksheets,lesson plans, interactive learning objects, units, word processing files, flash movie files, PDF files, HTML pages, etc. The OERB’s website contains over 19,000 files which students have free access to. Students may search for lessons using a variety of criteria such as course codes, curriculum expectations, or key words. This website is highly recommended for students requiring supplementary material in order to achieve success in any area of curriculum.


Username: ncdsbstudent

Please contact Mr. J. Cino for the password.

Tutors in the Classroom Program

Through the NCDSB two prospective educators currently enrolled in a faculty of education program are made available to support classroom teachers and students in the areas of literacy and numercy. The Tutors in the Classroom Program is conducted over both semesters.

Mentor Connector

Mentor Connector was launched during the 2008-2009 school year. The NCDSB integrated the P3 program into an expanding student web portal. The portal allows students to access academic assistance from home on their computer during the evening.

Faculty of Education students from Niagara and Brock University have been in-serviced and hired by NCDSB to assist in specific subject areas. Students will use the portal to access assistance in Social Sciences, Math, English, Science and French. Also, the university students can contact teachers through the board system to inform them of the area of remediation that was required.

Tutor for Marks

Tutor for Marks is a school run program whereby senior students can tutor younger students or even elementary school students in return for extra marks that they can put toward a subject they are enrolled in at the time they are tutoring. Tutoring must be done under adult supervision. Tutors receive an extra mark for every 15 hours of tutoring up to a maximum of 5 marks (75 hours).

Peer Tutoring Program

Peer tutoring is a school run program that pairs academically struggling students with a student of expertise in a particular subject area. The peer tutoring assistance is generally conducted out of the P3 program.

Fresh Start Program

The Fresh Start Program is designed as both an intervention and prevention program for students while serving a suspension or limited expulsion. The program is taught by a certified teacher and a Child and Youth Worker (CYW) and is located at the Schmon Corporate Center.

The program strives to address the academic and behavioral needs of the student. Fresh Start provides programs containing strategies for building positive attitudes, for providing continuous learning and for successful re-integration back into the school setting.

Jump Start Program

Jump Start is part of NCDSB's "start series" of alternative programs. The focus of the program is to provide those students who are experiencing chronic attendance issues an opportunity to attend school on an interim basis. The program is taught by the same certified teacher and a Child and Youth Worker (CYW) as Fresh Start and is located in the same facility.

The key objectives are to provide students with the academic, social and behavioral skills to change negative patterns of attendance.