Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test or OSSLT

The OSSLT is being written on March 27, 2019

Who will writing: 

  • All grade 10 students and students who were not successful on their first time
  • All grade 9 students will be writing a practice test on March 27th.

For details of how the test will be run on March 27'th, please click here

If you would like some additional resources for preparation for the OSSLT, please see below.

A rubric for how the test is evaluated is enclosed here

A sample of how the results are communicated back to the student is available here 

Sample booklets are linked below along with their associated answer keys.

Booklet 1 Questions 

Booklet 1 Answers

Booklet 1 Answer Key


Booklet 2 Questions

Booklet 2 Answers

Booklet 2 Answer Key