September 26, 2018


Dear Blessed Trinity Graduate of 2018,


Preparations have begun for Blessed Trinity’s twenty second Graduation Ceremony on Wednesday, June 26th, 2019.

Students who qualify for graduation will be invited by the Principal to participate in faith-based secondary Catholic graduation ceremonies providing they meet all of the Ministry of Education, Board and school-based graduation expectations. The expectations include, but are not limited to, participation in religious education and faith life activities, being a student in good standing and fulfilling the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations as endorsed by the Niagara Catholic District School Board. A great deal of time and effort is involved in preparing for the ceremony. To ensure the best possible Graduation for you, please read and be aware of all the activities and dates outlined in this letter.


Graduation Package Fee:

Each year a Graduation Fee is charged to cover some of the costs of the Graduation activities and ceremony.


The Graduation Package Fee this year is $100.

Participation is dependent upon receiving the $100 Graduation Fee.  Students not paying this fee will be unable to participate in the Graduation Ceremony.  If there are financial difficulties, please request a meeting with our Principal, Mr. Zaroda.


The Graduation Package Includes:

·         Grade 12 Retreat Luncheon

·         Board Wide Graduation Celebration Luncheon

·         Graduation Gowns and Keepsake Memento Cap with Tassel

·         Flowers for Graduation Ceremony (Female Corsages/ Male Boutonnieres)

·         Graduation Invitations and Programs

·         Graduation Ceremony Facility, Sound, Lighting and Equipment Rental

·         Grip and Grin Photo with the Principal at the Ceremony

·         One parking pass for Brock University


Graduation Profiles:

All graduates are to complete a Graduation Profile. These profiles are used in the determination of our Graduation awards, bursaries and scholarships.



Please bring Graduation Profile to Mrs. Rankie in Student Services

the day of your Grad photo

Payment can be made online at , or cash, cheque or debit in Student Services

Please follow the instructions if you have not previously logged on.



Graduation Photos: November  - December , 2018  

Mrs. Rankie will provide your appointment notice once your grad fee has been paid.  Please make every effort to keep your appointment, or you will be responsible for contacting Pegasus for a retake.






Mrs. J. Moretuzzo

Program Chair of Student Services



  • All of the following events are MANDATORY.
  • Attendance is required to ensure adequate preparation for Graduation.







September 25, 2018


Grad Retreat


Liuna Gardens


Lunch will be provided



May 16th, 2019


Completion of Community Service Hours


To ensure your participation in the Graduation Ceremony, your Community Service must be verified, completed and handed in.




 May 16th, 2019



Board Wide Graduation Celebration



Niagara Falls

First Niagara Centre

Period 1 Departure

Graduates from all of Niagara Catholic’s 8 Secondary Schools will be attending.

Transportation is provided and all students are required to take the bus

Uniforms must be worn.

Lunch will be provided.



 June 11th, 2019



Blessed Trinity Graduation Mass and Breakfast



St. Joseph’s Church  

8:15 A.M.

Breakfast to follow


Students are permitted to be out of uniform and dressed appropriately for this celebration



June 26th, 2019


Graduation Rehearsal


Brock University  

10:00 A.M.

It is extremely important that all graduates participate in the rehearsal. Gowns will be distributed after the rehearsal.



June 26th, 2019







June 27th, 2019


Graduation Ceremony








Brock University

7 P.M.






John Michaels’s Banquet Hall


The Ceremony starts at 7 P.M. but all graduates must be at Brock by 6 P.M. No running shoes, flip flops, or sun glasses are to be worn. Facial piercings are to be removed for the Ceremony.  Cap and Gowns are yours to keep.



Each graduate will receive 4 tickets to the Graduation Ceremony. Additional tickets may be requested through Student Services.