Christian Community Service in the Niagara Catholic District School Board enables students to show solidarity with people who are in need and who require assistance. It provides students with an opportunity to follow the teaching of Jesus Christ and puts into practice the social teaching of the Church. It fosters an understanding of civic responsibility and participation, helps young people develop and share their skills with others in the wider community and develops strong ties between students and their community which will foster valuable and long-term relationships.

Christian Community Service is an essential component of the Religious Education program for students in grades 9 to 12.  Here at Blessed Trinity, we have organized The Christian Community Service Experience to fulfill this call to be a good neighbour.

Being a good neighbour refers to the great teaching of Christ from the Gospel of Luke entitled The Parable of the Good Samaritan, where we are called to be a good neighbour and help those in need.  It is clear from this source that service is directed towards those who need us most.  Each student’s experience will address the curriculum expectations for the culminating assignment where reflection on their service is evaluated.  In this light, it is key for every one of our students to make meaningful connections to our community members in need.

Guiding Principles for Christian Community Service

  • An event or activity designed to be of benefit to the community;
  • An event or activity to support a not-for-profit agency, institution or foundation that conforms to Catholic standards and does not conflict with Catholic values;
  • Any structured program that promotes tutoring, mentoring, visiting or coaching, or whose purpose is to assist others who require the benefit of that assistance;
  • Participation in global initiatives/projects that do not conflict with Catholic values;
  • Participation in an event or activity that promotes positive environmental awareness and action;
  • Participation in activities that promote the human rights and well-being of all groups in society, as long as the values of these groups are in harmony with Catholic teaching;
  • Participation in an event or activity affiliated with a club, religious organization, arts or cultural association or political organization that seeks a positive contribution to the community and is not in conflict with Catholic teaching.

At Blessed Trinity, in order to complete the culminating assignment, the following hours are built into the curriculum for each year level. This annual guide assists students by budgeting hours annually so that in any one year a student is not overwhelmed by having to complete them all. Following our annual guide prevents leaving all of the hours until the grade 12 year and then having to complete all 40 hours while completing coursework to gain admission to post-secondary studies.

Grade 9 HRE10 10 hours Required
Grade 10 HRE20 10 hours Required
Grade 11 HRF30/HRT 3M 10 hours Required
Grade 12 HHS4M/HZT4U/HRE 4O 10 hours Required

Students are only permitted to one community service project per experience. Students who complete all of their community service hours by the beginning of the course will still be required to still a unique Christian Community Service project based on service from the current year.

We have compiled a list of valid locations throughout our diverse communities that are available for students.  We welcome new opportunities to help those in need as well.  Organizations that wish to be considered as suitable community service placements should contact the Program Chair of Religion about the type of service that students could be involved in.  Please be advised that Christian Community Service that has not been approved beforehand, via the Notification of Christian Community Service form, by either the classroom teacher or by the Program Chair of Religion and Family Life may not qualify.  While parents may be involved in similar volunteer activities we ask that neither a parent nor guardian sign to verify the hours.  In these cases we ask that a non-relative verify the hours.

For incoming grade nine students please keep in mind that hours served in the summer (July 1st), prior to the first semester of attendance at Blessed Trinity are eligible to be counted as Christian Community Service.

If students are interested in completing their Christian Community Service over the summer, or in a semester in which he/she does not have religion, they should complete a Notification of Christian Community Service sheet and submit it to the Program Chair of Religion or to an administrator prior to the beginning of the summer holidays.    Note: During the summer break, parents and students can contact the Principal or the Program Chair of Religion, if they have questions or concerns about summer opportunities.

Our goal is simple: to establish lasting bonds while providing our students with a sense of worth and responsibility for the common good that will endure for a lifetime.  In a time when more and more post-secondary destinations seek young candidates with a sense of maturity and purpose, Blessed Trinity membership offers you peace of mind.

Click here for Christian Community Service Experience (PDF).