Eligible Activities for Christian Community Service

Any service work for: community agencies, churches, service organizations, individuals who are in need, any activity pre-approved by the principal or Program Chair of Religion. Click here for eligible locations.


Approval of parent (if under 18) and religion teacher or Program Chair of Religion is required BEFORE starting the service project.  Students will complete the Notification of Planned Christian Community Service sheet during the semester that each student has their religion course.  Students who intend to complete the Christian Community Service in a semester in which they do not have religion, should submit the Notification Form to the Program Chair of Religion.

Ineligible Activities for Christian Community Service

  • a requirement of a class or course in which the student is enrolled (e.g., co-operative education portion of the course, job shadowing, work experience);
  • takes place during the time allotted for the instructional program on a school day; however, activities during the student's lunch breaks or "spare" periods are permissible;
  • takes place in a logging or mining environment, if the student is under sixteen years of age;
  • takes place in a factory, if the student is under fifteen years of age;
  • takes place in a workplace other than a factory, if the student is under fourteen years of age and is not accompanied by an adult;
  • would normally be performed for wages by a person in the workplace;
  • involves the operation of a vehicle, power tools, or scaffolding;
  • involves the administration of any type or form of medication or medical procedure to other persons;
  • involves handling of substances classed as "designated substances' under the Occupational Health and Safety Act;
  • requires the knowledge of a trades person whose trade is regulated by the provincial government;
  • involves banking or the handling of securities, or the handling of jewelry, works of art, antiquities, or other valuables;
  • consists of duties normally performed in the home (i.e. daily chores) or personal recreational activities;
  • involves a principal/vice-principal initiated program(i.e. community service hours in lieu of suspension or detention)
  • involves a court-ordered program (e.g., community-service program for young offender, probationary program);

Other Ineligible Activities

  • any activity that provides direct financial benefit or other gain (political, social, etc) to the student or to the student's family; and
  • any association with an organization or an activity that conflicts with the ethical standards and teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • any activity that was initiated by the principal or vice-principal as disciplinary action(i.e. community service hours in lieu of suspension or detention etc.)
  • scorekeeping at school sporting events

Note: Christian Community Service forms should not be signed by a relative.