At Blessed Trinity students have they opportunity to live out their Catholic faith through involvement in social justice projects and awareness campaigns which affect the local and global community. Before Thanksgiving and Easter, Blessed Trinity holds a food drive to help local agencies to provide for the needy in the community. Each Fall Blessed Trinity organizes a Pilgrimage walk to support the community of Las Pajas in the Dominican Republic and holds other smaller fund raiser for Las Pajas throughout the year. At Christmas time the staff and students of Blessed Trinity collect food items and gifts for Christmas hampers. These hampers are then given to needy families in the community through local agencies.

Students are educated about social justice issues through awareness campaigns such as the Vow of Silence and Development and Peace. On November 20, 2009 students participated in the Vow of Silence to raise awareness about children in the world who have no voice and who are often exploited and abused. Blessed Trinity students made a promise not to talk, text, or email for twenty four hours to show solidarity with those whose voices are silenced.

Each Lent a Development and Peace campaign is run in the school on a particular theme. This year's theme "Life Before Profit" focuses on the use of agricultural land in third world countries to grow crops that will be turned in fuels for first world countries, not for feeding the local people. This year eight students will attend a Development and Peace workshop where they will learn more about the issue. The students will then give presentations to their classmates. Along with the presentation, the student leaders encourage classmates to sign petition cards which are sent to the Prime Minister and the local Member of Parliament highlighting the concerns of current agricultural policies. This year the G8 and G20 meetings will be held in Ontario and it is hoped that the concerns about agricultural policies will be on the agenda.