There continues to be a variety of ways for parents to remain involved with their child's education in high school. Parents play an important role in the education of their children and have a responsibility to support the efforts of school staff in maintaining a safe and respectful learning environment for all students. Many times parents are the window through which students see the school. Parents fulfill this responsibility when they:

  • show an active interest in their child's school work and progress; 
  • communicate regularly with the school; 
  • help their child be neat, appropriately dressed and prepared for school; 
  • ensure that their child attends school regularly and on time; 
  • promptly report to the school their child's absence or late arrival; 
  • become familiar with the Code of Conduct and school rules; 
  • encourage and assist their child in following the rules of behaviour; and assist school staff in dealing with disciplinary issues;
  • volunteer at the school to speak to classes;
  • volunteer their services at the school;
  • make scholarship contributions to the school; and/or become a member of the Blessed Trinity Catholic School Council or attend meetings when possible.

Blessed Trinity recognizes parents as partners in educating our children.