Adult Release Form
This form should be completed by both the 18 year old student and a parent if it is their desire that the school deal solely with the student for attendance and discipline issues.

Consent For Child to Be Driven by Volunteer Driver
This form is to be completed by parents who give permission for their child to be transported in a private vehicle to a school event by Principal authorized voluntary drivers.

Pemission for Administration Medication
For all prescribed and non-prescribed medication taken during school hours, the parent/guardian’s signature and the physician’s signature are required on the completed Administration of Prescribed and Non-Prescribed Medication During School Hours Form.

Permission to Drive Other Students
This form is to be completed by adults volunteering to drive to a school activity and is requesting the permission of the Principal to do so.  This form must be completed by the volunteer and signed by the Principal prior to transporting students.

Vacation Form
This form should be signed by the student and parent indicating that they are taking vacation during the school year.  It should be returned to the attendance office before the vacation begins.  Parents should be aware of the impact that student absence has on academic results.  Final exams will not be altered to accommodate vacations.