Music Program

Blessed Trinity boasts an active and high achieving music department. The music program enriches school assemblies and liturgies, performs in various venues in the Niagara region and at school board events. The music department participates in adjudicated music festivals regionally and nationally, and provides students access to professional clinicians.

Participation in the Music program at Blessed Trinity also includes opportunities to join in performance tours that in the past have included places such as New Orleans, Louisiana, Prince Edward Island, Quebec City, Ottawa, the Czech Republic and Austria.

Music Council

With the busy music department schedule, a group of students are provided with leadership training and experience as they assist in organizing and publicizing music events and fundraisers. These students also help organize social events for the department as well as assisting Ms. Maccaroni with keeping the Blessed Trinity music program running smoothly. They are assisted by a Music Parent's Association. Students who are interested in Music Council are encouraged to be informed and to participate.

Music: Concert Band

The Concert Band is a medium-advanced ensemble comprised of students with some musical experience. Wind instruments and percussion are featured in this ensemble. In addition to giving two concerts at the school a year, the concert band program plays a tour of local Feeder schools, various school functions and represents the school at music festivals.

Music: Choir

The Blessed Trinity Choir sings at school liturgies, board functions, music festivals, school concerts and at other events throughout the year. This choir features singing in four-part harmony with female and male students. It is the core ensemble from which smaller, more challenging emerges including separate and advanced small groups for Men and Women. Though the audition process is used for determining soloists and placement in the small ensembles - membership to the choir is open to all with a desire to improve their singing and dedication to the choir. The choir sings a wide variety of musical styles.

Music: Choose your own adventure!
The Blessed Trinity Music program offers other smaller ensemble experiences which have included Jazz Band, Jazz ensemble, a Celtic music ensemble, string quartet, men and women's quartets, a brass quintet and a drum line. Small ensembles are born out of student interest and commitment - you and your fellow students may have the opportunity to develop one too!