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The uniform is traditional at Blessed Trinity. It reflects Thunder pride and encourages student pride in their school. It creates a positive atmosphere for learning.

A general policy cannot detail all possible situations. The administration will interpret the application of the general policy to any particular situation and their decision is final. Students who travel to another school within the Board to take a course must comply with the uniform policy of the teaching school.

  • Students will cooperate with the school's uniform policy at all times.
  • Students will be in uniform all day, everyday, from arrival to departure excluding designated days as determined by the Principal of the school.
  • The only shirts, sweaters, pants, kilts or shorts that students will wear are the official school uniform items supplied for the specific school.
  • Students will be neat in appearance.
  • Students will wear uniform items properly.
  • Students will keep uniform items clean and in good repair.
  • Students will wear clothing that is sized appropriately: neither too large nor immodestly tight.
  • Students who have outgrown their uniform items are expected to replace them.
  • Students who are not wearing the uniform properly will not attend class.


The uniform supplier for the school is Maddalena Uniforms who operate out of the Tuck Shop every Thursday, from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


Kilt: The kilt must be properly hemmed and cannot be worn more than 8 cm from the middle of the kneecap. Uniform tights or knee socks must be worn with the school kilt. Failure to wear the kilt, as specified, will result in the loss of privilege to wear this uniform item; pants only will be allowed for the remainder of the semester.

Pants: Pants must be in good repair, buttoned at the waist and properly hemmed to the heel of the shoe just above the ground. School pants that have been improperly altered (i.e. slits) may not be worn until the problem has been corrected. The waist is not to be rolled down. Pants are to be done up at the waist

Shirt: Uniform shirt, either polo or white oxford, with embroidered school logo. Oxford shirts must be buttoned to the second button from the collar and the collar must be buttoned on both sides. Shirts designed to be tucked in are to be tucked in so that the belt loops are visible. The new shirts, with the logo at the bottom, that have been designed to be worn untucked may be worn as such; the older shirts with the logo at the top of the shirt must be tucked in.

Shoes: Only low cut, solid black dress shoes or oxfords are deemed acceptable. Laces must be black and plain. The shoes must have a full back and closed toe. Sandals, flip-flops, clogs and other styles of slip on shoes are deemed unacceptable. Dress shoes must be worn at all times in the building, including lunchtime. All students wearing orthotic appliances must wear a shoe that complies with the uniform policy.
Please refer to the student handbook there is any question about the appropriateness of footwear PRIOR to making a purchase.

Shorts: Shorts must be worn according to sizing provided by uniform supplier. Shorts may not be shortened or altered. Shorts may only be worn from Easter until the end of the year and from September until Thanksgiving.

Socks: Socks must be neutral in colour and not a distraction. They must be worn with the uniform pants at all times. Uniform tights or knee socks must be NAVY in colour and must be worn with the kilt at all times.

Sweater: Only uniform sweaters/vests and hoodies embroidered with the school logo are to be worn. The uniform sweater is not to be worn around the waist or shoulders. Only uniform hoodies or grad hoodies (current grad class) are eligible hoodies.


Belts: If belts are worn they must be plain and non-distracting. The size of the buckle must be in-line with the width of the belt. No distracting buckles are permitted.

Hair and Makeup: Must be styled in a way that is not distracting or conspicuous. Only natural hair colors/styles will be deemed acceptable. Shaved symbols or designs are not acceptable.  The face must be fully visible and the eyes not covered. Students will remain home until hairstyle/colour meets the approval of the Administration.

Jewelry: Must be neat, respectable, inoffensive, non-distracting and coordinate with the school uniform. Jewelry, including spiked or studded bracelets and necklaces, earrings, chains and expanders are considered safety hazards or distracting and are not permitted. Alarm chronographs are to be silenced during the school day to eliminate disruptions in class or assemblies.

Undershirts: Only short-sleeved PLAIN WHITE t-shirts are permitted under the school shirt. Plain means "without any decoration or text." The length of the sleeve of the undershirt must not exceed the length of the sleeve of uniform shirt.  Students are not permitted to wear shirts without sleeves while working out or at dances.


Bandanas: Bandanas are prohibited and will be confiscated if seen. Parent may come to the school to retrieve that item.

Body Piercing: Visible body piercing, such as nose, lip, eyebrow or any other facial area, excluding a small stud in the nose, is prohibited. A piercing may not be covered by a bandage. Ear expanders and excessive piercing are prohibited. Administration will deem what is excessive. Students will be sent home until all facial piercing, excluding a small stud in the nose, have been removed. The student will be required to meet with administration prior to re-entry.

Hats: Hats and hooded sweaters may not be worn in the school building from time of arrival for the school day to time of departure. The only exception will be Grad hoodies which are worn by the current years' graduating class or the uniform hoodie. No Blessed Trinity athletic hoodies or club hoodies are to be worn unless during a SPIRIT day (2nd Wednesday of each month).

Outer Clothing: Students must remove outer clothing, as soon as possible, after arrival to school, and put outer clothing on as late as possible when about to depart from school.

Some outer clothing may be designer in nature but can also be deemed inappropriate on normal days as only Blessed Trinity uniform is acceptable and on alternate dress days.....this clothing is not acceptable on any day before, during or after school. i.e. French Connection U K or FCUK...please click here for rationale.

Tattoos/Branding: Visible tattooing and branding which is inappropriate, excessive or is directed at an individual, group, culture or which contains an offensive ir inappropriate message, advertisement or slogan are prohibited.


During the formal examination period, students are not required to be in uniform. Students are expected to comply with the Alternate Dress Day Policy


The last Wednesday (non-exam) of each month is designated as an out of uniform day so that the uniform may be properly cleaned/repaired. All uniform policies on "Restricted Items" (hats, jewelry, body piercing, hair and makeup, tattoos, etc.) apply on alternate dress days. Shirts must modestly cover from shoulders to hips (shoulders and midsection must be covered). Pant, skirt or dress length must be appropriate and modest. Only walking shorts or capris following kilt protocol for length are permitted.  All clothing (pants and shirts) must be in good repair and not be ripped, torn or have holes.  Clothing must not display any sign, symbol or phrase, which is directed at an individual, group or culture or which contains an offensive or inappropriate message, advertisement or slogan.  Students may wear casual shoes, but shoes must be appropriate for the classroom environment.  Proper footwear must be worn to science and tech classes for safety reasons.


When attending a co-op placement, a student must be in complete Blessed Trinity uniform. Alternatives are at the discretion of the co-op teacher in consultation with the employer and vice-principal.


Proper Blessed Trinity Physical Education attire is to be worn on all days including alternate dress days.


The second Wednesday of each month is designated as a spiritwear day. The purpose of the day is for students to promote their co-curricular activity by wearing a school jersey, team shirt etc. Any shirt or sweater that has Blessed Trinity on it is acceptable. Students are required to wear proper uniform attire other than the spiritwear gear. All students not participating must be in full school uniform.


All students are expected to be in full school uniform when on field trips unless explicitly communicated as an exception by the Principal.


Students are to report to the office, prior to the beginning of the day, to receive an out of uniform slip. A note from a parent must accompany the request. Requests, for medical reasons, to wear non-uniform shoes for an extended period must be accompanied with a note from a doctor and the shoes that are worn in lieu of the dress shoes are to be black.  The doctor's note should identify the student's disability-related need and/or restriction.  The administration of the school has the discretion to determine whether and how the student's disability-related need might be accommodated up to the point of undue hardship.